Jared Craig


Nordstrand Guitars

I frequently play my Nordstrand VP4 for live shows and recording. It is simply the best electric bass I have ever played. I can't say enough about Carey and the rest of his crew for their outstanding craftsmanship and sweet personalities. I will be replacing the electronics in another of my non-Nordy basses with Nordstrand pickups very soon!

JH Audio

I use my JH-7 In Ear Monitors exclusively when traveling with Mike Albert, Scot Bruce and the Big "E" Band as well as during recording sessions. The band only uses an In Ear Monitor rig with no amps at all which can be weird for a bassist who is used to "feeling" the sound. After careful consideration of the IEM's available, it was clear the best choice was JH Audio. They make an absolutely killer product at an even better price, and what's even better, they are wonderful people to deal with!

Shank's Strings

A fantastic luthier, Mike Shank has one of the finest double bass shops in the country. He is as nice as he is talented, and I have always enjoyed my time in his shop as well as all of his excellent work on my upright bass. He is currently repairing a 1941 Kay Bass I bought back in January. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Noel Johnson

Noel is an incredible singer and songwriter who's new CD, The Remedy, is now available on iTunes. I was very fortunate to be asked to play on it. Looking forward to hearing him more around Canada.

Colleen Brown

I got the chance to perform with Colleen in 2010 around Ontario and instantly became a fan. All of her music is great, and her album Dirt is no exception. Catch a performance if you can, you will NOT be sorry!

Scot Bruce

On of the greatest Elvis Presley tribute artists performing today. I've had the pleasure of working with Scot since May 2011. An amazing entertainer, you will feel like you stepped back in time watching Scot shake, rattle, and roll!

Mike Albert 

Mike formed the Big "E" Band over 17 years ago, and since then has been touring across the US bringing his show, "The Ultimate Tribute" to tens of thousands. Focusing his show around Elvis's Las Vegas era, Mike brings the memory of Elvis alive with honesty and respect. Keep your eye out for Mike and the band, especially when Scot Bruce joins them. You will not find a better way to experience the music of Elvis Presley.